5 harsh realities of being a UA teacher (and 5 perks)


The UA is universally regarded as the best institution for newbie heroes across the country, maintaining its leadership position for a long time despite stiff competition from awesome schools like Seiai and Shiketsu. Much of UA’s success is due to its staff, including some of the most accomplished Quirk users in My hero university.

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All Might himself becomes a UA teacher after transferring One For All to Deku as he believes his talents are best suited for the education field. In fact, every teacher is extremely dedicated to their duties, even if they do not always reap the rewards of their career.

Warning: minor spoilers ahead!

ten Hard reality: they are responsible for the well-being of students

Teachers in real life certainly carry much more weight than their job description, but their responsibility for the well-being of students is magnified to epic proportions in My hero university.

As inexperienced Quirk users flock to their hallowed classrooms, it is the responsibility of the respective teachers to ensure that students do not accidentally injure themselves during training, if not worse. This problem becomes worse when one considers incorrigible children like Bakugo and Mineta.

9 Advantage: they transform their students into future heroes

Toshinori Yagi graduated from AU before becoming All Might, as did Endeavor, Best Jeanist, and several other Pro Heroes considered to be the best in Japan.

This means that UA was instrumental in their heroic development, with much of the credit going to the teachers at the school. In the current timeline, Eraser Head personally takes Hitoshi Shinso under his wing, intending to transform the General Department student into a professional hero.

8 Hard reality: they have to manage complex schedules

The AU’s schedule is generally manageable – classes start around 8:30 am and end just after 4:00 pm.

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They also keep tabs on each student’s progress in all areas applicable to the Complex Hero program. Eraser Head has a habit of taking short naps in a banana yellow sleeping bag whenever he gets the chance, in part because he’s so tired all the time.

7 Advantage: they can live on campus

While not officially revealed, it is clear that AU teachers live on site, giving them easy access to classes, lounges, cafeterias, and more. Considering how busy their lives usually are, not having to beat traffic is a huge plus.

In several real cases, teachers who live on campus do not have to pay rent, but it is not clear whether this scenario applies to UA. Another marginal benefit is that the main Nezu seems to be the kind of administrator who really cares about his staff.

6 Harsh reality: they have very little time for hero work

Teaching future heroes is a full-time job and more, so it’s no surprise that AU teachers don’t really have the time or energy to join or start a hero agency.

In fact, All Might gravitates towards education after confirming that he will no longer have enough strength to maintain his duties as a hero. Paradoxically, the AU teachers are involved in dozens of skirmishes throughout the scenario.

5 Advantage: They have access to world-class facilities

Given UA’s position in society, the school is extremely well funded, presumably through government and private donations. The campus covers a large area, comprising a number of state-of-the-art buildings, stadiums, training grounds, gymnasiums, development studios and other facilities.

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Teachers typically use them to train students, but they are more than welcome to take advantage of any campus facility (as long as it is available).

4 Harsh reality: they experience constant risk

Villains across Japan hate the idea that hero schools exist, but most of them wouldn’t dare to invade UA without having a dozen contingency plans in place. The League of Villains, however, is insisting on taking a stand within the campus grounds in order to prove that UA is unable to prevent its own students from being captured, injured or killed.

They haven’t quite succeeded yet, but Aizawa and All Might are being pushed to their physical limits by the first Nomu. UA teachers also have to deal with random villain attacks whenever Class 1-A is involved, even in locations far from school.

3 Advantage: they are protected by UA

UA is known for its world-class security system, starting with the famous “UA Barrier”, a metal wall that pops up if an unauthorized person tries to pass, but that’s the least of the problems. The school has since established a series of protocols that exponentially improve various aspects of safety.

Following All For One’s prison breakout, UA introduced a set of shelters that can be transported to remote locations via an underground magnetic levitation system. The school takes into account both students and teachers when developing security measures.

2 Hard reality: they rarely receive public recognition

While neither the AU nor its teachers are to blame for the increase in attacks from villains, it is the administration that often has problems with angry parents demanding a safer space for their children.

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It’s as if people expect UA teachers to go beyond their own comfort zones on behalf of their students. Worst of all, few people notice or worry when teachers are seriously injured while protecting their loads.

1 Advantage: they are (presumably) paid for their efforts

AU teachers presumably receive a salary for the tremendous work they have done, a form of reward that shows them that their efforts and contributions are invaluable.

Financial details of their income have not been revealed, but it can be assumed that teachers are paid more than they are owed, especially with Principal Nezu at the helm. However, it is almost certain that the Pro Heroes receive considerably larger sums of money.

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