ACS International School Doha organizes a seminar on academic pathways for university-ready students


Participants listen to a speaker during the seminar.

Doha: ACS International School Doha recently held its ‘Pathways To Tomorrow’ seminar to launch its exciting array of high school program options open to students as they progress to college internships and future careers.

The event was organized for current and prospective parents at the historic ACS Doha campus in Al Kheesa and demonstrated how the wide selection of academic pathway options on offer could be tailored to a student’s interests and abilities while increasing their academic performance and maximizing their potential.

“It was exciting to see parents and students talking to our teachers and department heads, sharing their passion for their subjects and the excitement of each lesson. It made us realize that there is no substitute for face-to-face conversations, and we look forward to hosting more events like this in the future,” said Vanessa Robitaille, Vice-Principal of the school.

“Every child has enormous potential, and no single curriculum provides the key to unlocking the magic in every young person. Through these universally accepted academic pathways and the help of their high school counselor, each student can ensure that they achieve their next academic goals and dream of successful university and college destinations. We all have a different key and our pathway options help each student find their own,” added Robitaille.

ACS Doha currently offers students the opportunity to study rigorous and globally recognized programs with the International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma and career-related program; Advanced Placement (AP) courses, an American program offering college-level programs and examinations to high school students, as well as the American high school diploma.

The event also presented the new school and pastoral support structure of the College and High School and offered parents the opportunity to meet and discuss the courses and educational objectives adapted to each child.

With the success of its first Academic Pathways event, ACS Doha has scheduled two more event dates over the next academic year for the public to attend and better understand the rigorous educational programs.

ACS Doha’s Pathways To Tomorrow is designed to help highly ambitious learners excel in widely respected international qualifications and supports strong applications to top universities around the world.


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