After ruling on installment loans: Hardly any processing fees for construction loans

According to consumer advocates, building societies are to follow the Supreme Court ruling to installment loans and emphasize the handling charge of their financing. Here, a lot has already been done.

The recent decision of the Federal Supreme Court (BGH) to tilt the administrative costs of banks in consumer credit, is causing many borrowers for joy. First of all, however, benefit mainly only the bank customers who have taken out a consumer loan. The claims should not be barred.

But is not directly affected by the decision, for example, mortgage loans. Here some had done in fees already. “As good as a credit institution in Germany raises more processing fees for a home loan,” says Max fall of the FMH financial advice. This had still been quite different before maybe ten years. Unlike the installment loans have used here in the banks by previous court rulings years ago rethinking. The consumer advocates see the similarities.

Fees for mortgage loans were at least lower

“The mortgage lending, there are only rudimentary processing fees, strengthened but still in the home savings loans,” says Hartmut Schwarz from the Consumer Bremen. Due to the higher loan amounts, the fees for mortgage loans were at least a percentage not as high as in the classic consumer loans. For an installment loan that bank fees ever make perfect from 3 or 3.5 percent of the loan amount.

For mortgage loans, however, rates of 0.25 percent to 1 percent were possible, says the fall: “But as for consumer credit, the financial institutions have moved away from these charges several months ago, some even earlier.” As the banks have earned it, the example of the Postbank, not since 1 April 2013 processing fees rises more. Net commission income declined only by the suspension in the first half of 2013 to 24 million euros. The consumer finance team Bank, a subsidiary of DZ Bank waived the processing fees since the beginning of 2010.

How banks bypass the explicit fee

But many banks replace the explicit fee, for example, by a somewhat higher loan rate. Other banks, in turn, provided the loans at a premium (premium). Autumn naming exemplary Ostseesparkasse that are not paid its customers mortgage loans at 100 percent, but just 99 percent. Even with some building societies, such an approach has since been re-introduced, as there is to be seen as a processing fee, loan fee, says Herbst. the view of the effective interest rates was therefore very important for customers.