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3 Years of YS Jagan: Three years passed quickly as Chief Minister YS Jagan Moan Reddy executed the social welfare agenda in clockwork like precision balancing it with development initiatives and social justice adorning every nook and cranny, tangible and transparent like never before even before direct benefit transfer (DBT) redefined the economics of inclusiveness in the state.

Change the grammar of education, breathe life into the health system, sow confidence and hope for good returns among farmers, set up Rythu Bharosa Kendras who won international acclaim, change the rural landscape with a decentralized social delivery mechanism, ushering in gram swaraj in the form of village and ward secretariats, empowerment of women and marginalized sections of society economically, socially and politically are some of the sweeping reforms that the Chief Minister has made over the past three years.

It was on May 30, 2019 that he was sworn in saying, “I, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy….” amid thunderous applause echoing the 151-seat House mandate of 175.

Since then, the chief minister has won every election hands down, from Lok Sabha to local bodies, blasting the opposition to smithereens and relegating it to the background. In addition to effectively managing the Covid pandemic, the Chief Minister closed the third year with an eventful attendance at the World Economic Forum (WEF) summit in Davos, with a focus on green energy, manufacturing, port infrastructure, skills development, among others.

The most important, effective and inclusive mechanism for growth has been the DBT system which dusted off middlemen, corruption and nepotism with money reaching intended beneficiaries in full and instantly. The state has so far disbursed about Rs 1.85 lakh crores under DBT and also non-DBT programs like Dr. YSR Aarogyasri, Jagananna Gorumuddha, etc. after YS Jagan Mohan Reddy took the reins.
The elderly, sick and disabled have all praised the Chief Minister’s concern as volunteers come calling on their doorsteps on the first of every month to hand over the pension saving them the trouble of going to the office of cashing out, braving the weather, standing in a long queue and tackling the finicky biometric system to accept the thumbprint.

These are some of the serious issues raised by retirees during the 3,648 km Praja Sankalpa Yatra of YS Jagan Mohan Reddy who addressed them when he came to power, making him the popular leader who keeps his promises. During his three years in office, YS Jagan delivered on 95% of the polls’ promises.

The social inclusion and empowerment of women has been the other major achievement that can be seen right from the formation of the cabinet, the appointment of the Speaker and Deputy Speaker of the Legislative Council, Speaker of the Assembly to Speakers and directors of various appointed positions, not to mention the mayors of corporations.

YSR Cheyutha and YSR Asara have financially benefited thousands of women to start their families. Amma Vodi, Vasati Deevena and Vidya Deevena also saw funds flowing into mothers’ bank accounts and 30 lakh house sites spread among the poor would be registered in the name of the housekeeper.

Economically, to provide business opportunities for women, MoUs were signed by the government with giant corporations like AMUL, Proctor and Gamble, ITC, Allana Group and Reliance among others, while banks granted soft loans. For Women’s Safety, Disha App has been added to a fleet of patrol vehicles to improve response time for women’s safety.

With the firm belief that education is the greatest asset, which we can pass on to the next generation, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy undertook large-scale reforms, ranging from the renovation of public schools under Nadu Nedu to the introduction of English as the language of instruction as well as growing CBSE Affiliations and emphasizing skills development in higher education. He grabbed the limelight when he stood on the side of the table during the ap and the school children were delighted to see a CM serving them food.

The village and ward secretariat system has brought about a radical change in the decentralization of administration and the rural landscape is sculpted with all the facilities a village needs and Rythu Bharosa Kendras (RBK) has won the international claim by being nominated for the United Nations award.

In terms of development, the agenda has been set with the objective of attracting industries in various promising sectors. The Davos summit ended with encouraging results and the signing of memorandums of understanding with major companies in the areas of green energy, skills and port infrastructure, among others.

The Covid pandemic was skillfully managed by the state keeping the death rate below the national average and the village/ward secretariat system proved to be very efficient and worked in tandem with the health workers.

The minister’s chief sportsman came to the fore as he took up his position at the wickets and faced two balls playing perfectly on the discs after inaugurating floodlights and other facilities at the Raja Reddy Stadium during his visit to Kadapa.

Olympians PV Sindhu and E Rajani were honored by the Chief Minister and a host of dignitaries from a wide range met the Chief Minister.

In three years, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has proven how social engineering can be a game-changer and the merits of social inclusion to pave the way for a healthy society. All of this has been done despite a sneaky opposition party and its friendly media who are constantly spreading hoaxes against the government and creating obstacles through litigation and fake campaigns. The Chief Minister also had to brave the pandemic and keep the wheels of the economy turning without neglecting social activities.

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