Apeejay Education and AWS launch initiative to help academic institutions on technology


Apeejay Education and Amazon Web Services announced on Thursday the launch of an initiative — NEPAP — to help academic institutions make extensive use of technology in education and create a public digital infrastructure in the education sector aligned with the NEP 2020 vision.

The National Education Policy Acceleration Program (NEPAP) will guide academic institutions on multiple aspects of the National Education Policy 2020 (NEP 2020), according to a joint statement by Apeejay Education and Amazon.com . The acceleration program will address two key principles of NEP 2020 – the intensive use of technology in teaching, learning, educational planning and management, and in the creation of a public digital infrastructure open, interoperable and scalable in education to support multiple platforms. .

”It will support academic institutions by hosting digital innovation workshops to focus on identifying and prioritizing unique challenges of academic institutions, and co-constructing solutions or proof of concept (POC) using technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML),” the statement said.

However, initial investments in the NEPAP program were not disclosed.

NEPAP will have a collaborative approach to identify and solve challenges through scalable educational technology solutions, create a community of EdTechs aligned with NEP requirements, and support implementation and train resources for successful deployment of solutions on the campus.

The program will help institutions in various areas, such as distance learning, online examination and assessment, multimedia services, content delivery, gamification and building a smart/digital campus, a he added.

For this, AWS will conduct workshops based on the Amazon Working Backwards innovation methodology, which uses design thinking to identify and define a customer-centric problem or opportunity and develop prototypes.

Apeejay Education will provide expertise on the use cases of digital solutions in the education sector and support to test the solutions to expand the reach to other institutions across India.

“Through the Acceleration Program, AWS and Apeejay Education aim to support academic institutions with AWS Credits and capacity building workshops to build and implement POCs,” he said.

Apeejay Education and AWS will run the accelerator program through multiple cohorts of academic institutions that can apply for the program.

Apeejay Education co-promoter, Aditya Berlia, said academic institutions in India need to achieve the digital maturity advised by NEP 2020 and leverage the latest technologies to modernize their systems.

“There is a clear need today to help institutions identify and define problem statements, develop digital solutions, test their effectiveness in fail-safe environments, and evolve solutions to benefit the security industry. education,” Berlia said.

The acceleration program will also create the NEP Solution Finder, a catalog of NEP 2020 aligned technology solutions developed by EdTechs in India.

It will list tailored solutions for the education sector, covering aspects such as digital transformation, administrative services, governance reform services, academic and program restructuring, financial restructuring and local language support. , among others.

“By bringing together Indian academic institutions and EdTechs, the accelerator program will contribute to the experimentation and development of cloud-based solutions suitable for the education sector in India and aligned with the NEP 2020 vision,” said Sunil PP, education manager. , space and nonprofit organizations, AISPL, AWS India and South Asia.

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