Austin City Council Unanimously Approves Fiscal Year 2021-2022 Budget


According to the Council, this budget will maintain “high quality services” in Austin while investing in critical infrastructure.

AUSTIN, Texas – Austin City Council unanimously approved the 2021-2022 fiscal year budget on Thursday night.

The total budget is $ 4.5 billion. According to the Council, this budget will maintain “high quality services” in Austin while investing in critical infrastructure.

According to council, this passed budget incorporates the bulk of the Austin city manager’s proposals from last month, while adding a number of investments in child care, public safety and health care. roaming.

“Council’s actions today provide a way forward to build on Austin’s many strengths while addressing the challenges we face as a city,” said Spencer Cronk, Austin City Manager. “This budget covers the increase in our base expenses, delivers our programs and services, and many of the essential reforms that our citizens want and that the board has prioritized, with minimal year-over-year impact on the typical Austin taxpayer. ”

The total budget includes the General Fund budget which represents $ 1.2 billion and the capital budget which includes $ 1.3 billion of planned spending.

About two-thirds of the General Fund’s budget is allocated to public security. The remaining third consists of Parks and Recreation, Austin Public Health, Library, Animal Services, Housing and Planning Department and other requirements.

“We unanimously passed a budget today that tackles the pandemic, increases our public safety programs, and invests in our parks and affordable daycares, while providing the average homeowner with tax relief,” said Greg Casar, Austin City Council member. “I am proud of our work to keep Austinites at home, our investments in improving emergency response, and our continued commitment to police reform, regardless of the governor’s continued interference in the governance of the city. ‘Austin.’

According to the Council, this new budget allows Austin to reinvent public safety, with a new curriculum for the police academy, responding to mental health emergencies in fundamentally new ways and investing in a domestic violence shelter.

The budget allocates $ 6.2 million to fund the 144th and future classes of the reinvented Austin Police Department Training Academy and $ 29.1 million to maintain and advance the progress of the reinvention of public safety.

To read the full budget breakdown, click here.

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