Belmont Abbey to offer two new business certification programs


Belmont Abbey College has announced the addition of two new certification programs to its academic programming starting in January 2022.

The Business Basics and Leadership certificates provide flexible and affordable pathways for students looking to strengthen their foundations or take their careers to the next level, university officials said.

As part of the Abbey Online program offerings, these certifications provide cutting-edge skills and teach students how to thrive in a rapidly changing world, they added.

“At Belmont Abbey, we tailor digital learning to the needs of our students, flexible programs and affordable materials to support academic advisors every step of the way,” said Brad Frazier, president and associate professor of commerce at Belmont Abbey Middle School.

“Our students can achieve their academic goals online without compromising the benefits of traditional in-person learning,” he added.

The Certificate in Business Basics is aimed at working professionals who need training in business principles for their current or future jobs.

Designed for the technical professional, this certificate provides an introduction to key business principles, including accounting, finance, and corporate communications.

Business Basics provides a solid foundation in basic business principles and enables students to position themselves to take on additional roles or new positions in the workplace.

“We believe in education that focuses on the whole person,” Frazier said. “Now more than ever, it is important that we help our graduates acquire the knowledge, critical thinking skills and moral standards necessary to thrive in the classroom and beyond. We train future leaders and we take this role seriously. “

The Leadership Certificate enables students to obtain leadership training from experienced and outstanding faculty at Belmont Abbey College, Frazier said.

In this program, students gain knowledge, insights and experiences applicable to the workplace from day one.

The program focuses on leadership theory, organizational change, business communication and other relevant topics in a structure of five modules and 15 weeks.

“Belmont Abbey’s holistic liberal arts programs and degrees don’t just prepare students for their first job; they are preparing them for the future, ”said Frazier.

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Founded in 1876, Belmont Abbey College is a private Catholic baccalaureate and liberal arts institution.

Its declared mission is to educate students in the liberal arts and sciences so that God may be glorified in all things, Frazier said.


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