Bomma Satya Prasad Institutes contribute to youth development through advanced courses and good education


07 Oct 2021 11:05 STI

New Delhi [India], October 7 (ANI / ATK): Bridging the Gap of Quality Education and Redirecting to Greater Employment Opportunities, India’s Leading Institution for Growth and Development, Bomma Group of Institutions Brilliantly Contributes to a Future best for students under its umbrella, Bomma Rajeshwara Rao Educational Welfare Society.
The institute aims to establish a solid foundation by guiding young people to a better future with the right knowledge and education.
Established in 2006 by visionary Bomma Satya Prasad, the Bomma group of institutions quickly established itself as one of India’s leading educational institutions and was appointed director of the Human Rights Monitor. of Telangana State.

Under the leadership of Bomma Satya Prasad, the institution is synonymous with excellence in the field of higher education. The progression of the Bomma group in academic activities and the improvement of its infrastructure have made it one of the best institutions in the Telangana region.
The group administered by Bomma Satya Prasad and manages a range of institutions under his aegis which cater to different fields. With a pure commitment to placing the institution on a global podium in the education industry, Bomma Group owns various institutions, including the Bomma Institute of Technology and Science (2006 est.), Bomma Institute of Informatics (2008 est.) ), Bomma II-Shift Polytechnic (2009 est.), Bomma Institute of Pharmacy (2010 est.) And Bomma Brilliant Grammar School (2011 est.).
The main mission of the coveted institute remains to educate students from all corners and corners of India, including those in rural areas of the country. In the age of evolution and the new standard of working from home, even home study has become a trend in the education industry. Never compromising on quality, the Bomma group of institutions provide technical education and work to build innovative research capabilities with ethical conduct.
Sri Bomma Satya Prasad has his vision to provide valuable human resources in different industries. Speaking of the same, he said: “Aspiring engineers, technicians and healthcare professionals can only set a good example if they are given an education with the right standards and equipment. This is what the group of institutions Bomma has been doing for a couple of years. ” In addition, the educational institute offers several courses including B.Tech, M.Tech, B.Pharmacy, M.Pharmacy, MBA, MCA and other degree courses.
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