Calls for UF football recruiting, inflation, abortion and more


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• Former UF coach Mullen said he was not very good at recruiting. He was right! In USA Today Sports Network listings…in The Sun, only one current UF player name appears. At the start of the new season, we’ll see just how much magic Coach Napier can do. There may be unheralded players waiting their turn to shine. I hope!

• The University of Florida has apparently accepted $3 million to start a Hamilton Center for Civics Education. The money came from a public university reform council based in Alachua. Oh good? This is a very large public university 20 miles from Alachua, and apparently no one at UF has ever heard of the Council on Public University Reform… Thanks, Editor Douglas Ray, from having put this on the front page of The Gainesville Sun in the glorious sunshine where it obviously needs to be.

• I like The Gainesville Sun on issues like saving our water and Gainesville For All. That’s great, but what about our country for all? We have inflation exploding at 9.1% and we haven’t seen anything yet, I believe. We have a president who can’t read the teleprompter, and The Gainesville Sun and the people answering act like everything is fine.

• Citizens, you must make a choice. If you want President Biden to lower gas prices at the pump, don’t criticize him for talking to Saudi leaders. If human rights are important to you and you feel he shouldn’t talk to the rulers of Saudi Arabia, then don’t complain about gas prices.

• People who complain about high prices should consider eliminating all restaurant food and bottled water from their expenses. It would go a lot further that way and they would be just as happy.

• Vote “no” to school taxes. Vote “no” to approve any new ad valorem tax. Vote ‘no’ to the extension of any caduceus ad valorem tax. Vote ‘no’ to increasing the cost of all ad valorem taxes. No new taxes for Alachua County! No new taxes for roads. We’ve had enough of the federal government, and that should be enough. We are fed up with taxes.

• I believe in facts rather than fiction. Just because Roe v. Wade was overturned as abortion was banned. The decision was returned to the states. The word “abortion” does not appear in the US Constitution. It is not a constitutional right. That’s a fact; don’t believe the fiction.

• Under the Trump administration, drug seizures at the border were seen by Republicans as proof that his policy was working. Under the Biden administration, the same people point to drug seizures at the border as evidence of a failed open border policy. What is that ? Do drug seizures indicate that border policy is succeeding or failing?

• I find it rather interesting that we have people like Senator Bernie Sanders, Pete Buttigieg and President Joe Biden telling us how to manage our economy, what they will do to improve it, and none of these people have ever signed the front of a check. I signed over 100,000 check fronts for my employees. I had to do the payroll.

• Former President Donald Trump is a class act. On his social media platform, he eulogized his first wife, Ivana, upon her death, followed by a request for contributions to his re-election campaign. Not something Jesus would do!

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