Cheney Honored at Ethete’s 55th Annual Celebration Pow Wow


Ethete, WY – Last Saturday, Wyoming Congresswoman Liz Cheney was honored at the 55th Annual Aetheta Celebration Pow-Wow on the Wind River Reservation.

Cheney met with attendees and spoke at the event. She was also honored for her service on behalf of Indian Country and the State of Wyoming and given a traditional shawl by members of the Northern Arapaho tribe. The tribe also performed an honor song in recognition of the MP.

Additionally, Rep. Cheney and Jordan Dresser, President of the Northern Arapaho Business Council, released the following statements regarding the celebration:

“It was an honor for me to attend the powwow this weekend and to hear so many tribal members talk about the importance of this celebration. The issues facing Indian Country in our state are unique and serious and I have been and will remain focused on doing everything I can as a Congressman to give voice to our tribal communities and act on their behalf. -Liz Cheney, US Congresswoman from Wyoming

“We are delighted that Liz was able to join us for this special celebration. She has been an ally to our tribe and to all of Indian Country because she has been able to raise issues and issues that we have at the national level, enabling us to find solutions. In particular, she has been a tremendous help to us over the past two years by using her voice and influence to get things done that are key for us. I hope all of our tribe members will join in me to vote for her this year. -Jordan Dresser, President of the Northern Arapaho Business Council

Cheney received a shawl during the powwow and an honor song was performed in her honor. Cheney Office Photo

Cheney has a long history of fighting on behalf of the Native American community while serving in Congress. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Sending in progress a letter to the Secretaries of the Treasury and the Interior demanding that any CARES Act distributed to Indian Country take into account that Tribal Nations reside on the Wind River Reservation and that their unique needs must be accommodated. (April 2020)
  • Champion numerous bills to ensure the U.S. government keeps its promises to its tribal allies, including:
    • Speaking in favor of HR 895the Federal Tribal Schools Insurance Parity Act
    • Cosponsor HR 779 – Clarify the rights of Indians and Indian tribes to Indian lands under the National Labor Relations Act
    • Cosponsor HR 4586 – Native American Educational Opportunities Act
    • Co-sponsorship H.Res. 368expressing support for the designation of May 5, 2021 as the “National Awareness Day for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls”
    • Cosponsor HR 4348 – Tribal Family Equity Act
      • Eliminates administrative barriers to the participation of Indian tribes in federal child welfare programs and increases federal funding for tribal child welfare programs.
    • Cosponsor HR 5735 – State, Local, Tribal, and Territory Tax Relief, Infrastructure, and Disaster Relief Flexibility Act
      • Extended timelines and expanded uses for certain COVID-19 recovery funds.
    • Cosponsor HR7455 – Law amending the law on IHS contract support costs
  • Working with Tribes and the FAA each year to ensure area avoidance notices are posted while the Arapaho hold their Sun Dance Festival
  • Proof funding for tribal health in each year’s appropriation envelopes

Cheney’s press release for Wyoming

Cheney with traditional powwow dancers. Cheney Office Photo

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