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Our children are our most precious gifts and choosing the right school for each child can be a stressful decision.

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There is so much to consider, and with Covid-19 and the changing educational landscape, we at Holy Rosary School have found that many parents are unsure of what their children will need at school. ‘to come up.

As parents, we want to give our children the best education possible, but what does that mean?

Here are some questions we think will help you make that decision.

What has changed in schools since Covid-19?
Online learning during Covid has changed the education process and catapulted us into the fourth industrial revolution.

Although academic learning can take place online, children lose important social skills, which impacts their mental and social well-being.

We have found that children need face-to-face interaction to develop very important soft skills and emotional intelligence.

At Holy Rosary, we have introduced a variety of ways to deal with this challenge, for example, regular one-on-one discussions between teacher and child, weekly “catch-up” circles where the class can talk to each other, fun games, online workouts and activities to make girls laugh.

What does my child need for his future?
The Fourth Industrial Revolution means that in the future, machines will perform linear, repetitive work.
People will need skills related to thinking and understanding.

A full list of necessary skills, as identified by the World Economic Forum, can be found in the “Guide to Choosing a School” on the Holy Rosary School website.

In addition to the school curriculum, we focus on the social and thinking skills our girls need to succeed in our advanced world.

Does your school match my family’s values ​​and needs?
A school should teach children more than just academics.

The Holy Rosary is grounded in Christian values ​​and is known to produce strong women with good character.

Our world needs this generation to be active citizens and courageous young women who can make a meaningful contribution to their communities.

A smaller environment allows us to respect and celebrate diversity.

We ensure that each child receives the love and education they need to feel that they fully belong to the family of the Holy Rosary.

What are the qualifications and experience of your teachers?
We have a rich 81-year history of consistent quality education and outstanding matric outcomes.

We have exceptional teachers who are carefully selected and reflect our values ​​and philosophy.

They are qualified, passionate and experienced professionals.

What does your fee include and are there any hidden extras?

We are an independent non-profit educational institution where every penny goes towards ensuring our girls get the best holistic education.

Our pricing structure is simple and transparent and includes all textbooks, materials, extramurals, excursions and all miscellaneous items. Fees are paid over 11 months and there is an annual general levy which is paid in February each year.

Our fees also include assessments in the different phases, IEB fees in year 12 and continued access to our psychologist and school counsellor.

There are no hidden fees and no extras charged for each month.

We would love to meet you and help you in any way.

We invite you to call us, chat with us (in person or online), book a school tour and organize a “Holy Rosary Day” so that your daughter can fully experience our culture.

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