Commercial private equity makes the process of getting loans easier for business owners by offering flexible plans

Atlanta, GA, March 11, 2022 — ( — Many business owners struggle to find the right commercial bridge loan lender that is reliable and offers a fast underwriting process. Most private lenders offer home financing solutions at exorbitant interest rates.

However, a loan company in Atlanta is simplifying the commercial bridging loan process for real estate investors across the United States.

Commercial Private Equity has been one of the nation’s leading private lenders for the past 75 years, providing hard money mortgages and helping clients secure their commercial real estate transactions. The lending company has worked with corporate giants and helped them close real estate deals at the right time.

A Commercial Private Equity representative said, “A significant portion of our clients are real estate investors. That’s why our team carefully reviews borrowers’ requests and requirements before recommending loan terms that suit their needs. Whether they want to buy, restore, or build offices, retail stores, warehouses, or industrial units, our clients can count on Commercial Private Equity to offer them low interest rates and flexible financing terms.”

The company’s underwriters review loan applications, review collateral values ​​and approve those applications in just days. As a result, Commercial Private Equity has become an industry leader in offering commercial hard money loans and bridge loans with interest rates as low as 9.5%. Additionally, the company offers a 60% low value mortgage, which helps reduce risk for customers and the business itself.

Real estate investors looking to secure a real estate transaction can connect with Commercial Private Equity’s consultants, have their financing options approved, and set the terms of the loan agreement based on their obligations and conditions.

About the company
Commercial Private Equity provides hard money loans, commercial bridging loans, and construction loans to clients across the United States. The Atlanta-based lending company supports financing programs such as purchase, non-recourse loans, mortgages and general loans to their customers. Their low interest rates and low LTV ratios provide workable loan terms and make them a favorite with customers.

Contact Details
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 404-301-8633
Location: 235 Peach Tree St., NE Suite 403, Atlanta, GA 30303


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