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The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period October 27 to November 2, 2022. Due to its length, this report has been divided into five parts. This is the last part. Please note that an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Appeal disputed – Birch St. A woman and her father were found in a red Ford Mustang at their residence in Tanglewood Dr. All is well.
  • Welfare Check – Nowell St. In reference to a couple having a dispute. The complainant was a third party who wished to remain anonymous. Contact made with the woman who said the man had left the residence. Report taken.
  • Warrant Service – Alcovy St. Female named on the spot with an active probation violation warrant. She was taken into custody and transported to the Walton County Sheriff’s Office and turned over to jail staff without incident.
  • Downed Power Lines – Cedar Lane – Referring to lines across the roadway not allowing a school bus to pass. The lines were cable lines, lifted above the bus and allowed to pass. Everything is fine.
  • Threats – Fleeting manner – The complainant notifies the father of her children that he is threatening to take her children. Report taken. Temporary Protection Order process advised.
  • Dispute – Sorrells St. In reference to two housemates who got into an altercation at Cook St. Civil remedies advised due to lack of probable cause and conflicting statements.
  • Juvenile Problem – Classic Trail. In reference to the 10-year-old plaintiff saying his mum was going to punish him for getting in trouble at school. I spoke with mom, and everything was fine.
  • Suspicious Vehicle – Hammock Park. Occupants of a white crown victim smoking marijuana. They were gone when the officers arrived
  • Follow-up – Cherry Hill Legion in reference to a female topic requesting information on the TPO process. Suggested remedies.
  • EMS Support – Plaza Dr; In reference to a named subject who collapses on the sidewalk of Arnold Pointe properties. Witnesses said he was dropped off by a black sedan and left moments after the incident. He was transported to Walton Piedmont for further medical attention.
  • Lost and Found – Felker Park in reference to a named subject stating that his keys were stolen while coaching football. The keys have been located. Everything is fine.
  • Civil Issue – Mill Stone Bluff in reference to a verbal argument between roommates over rent. Suggested remedies.
  • Mental Subject – Sorrells St: In reference, a female subject informing her grandfather was having a mental episode. The GCAL facility has been contacted.
  • Suspicious Person – Gliding Lane in reference to the caller claiming to have seen two men going through his bins in his garden. Everything is fine.
  • Juvenile Complaint – Pine Park Street in reference to a female subject stating that her son was disruptive and swearing. Report taken.
  • Vehicle Pursuit – HWY 138 to HWY 78. Vehicle pursuit was initiated due to (2) sport bikes driving recklessly on HWY 138. Upon investigation, two subjects were arrested for improper passing, violation of the license class, reckless driving, absconding/attempted crime avoidance, passing through no passing zone, driving on wrong side of roadway, no license plate or license plate, no proof of insurance and non-compliance traffic control device. Orders taken.
  • Property Found – Walker Dr. The complainant indicated that she found a needle while her roommate was cleaning her room. no visible drug residue on the needle and the plaintiff was advised of civil remedies.
  • Suicide attempt – S Broad St: In reference to a man attempting to strangle himself with a rope.
  • Civil Issue -140 Blaine Street in reference to plaintiff sold a vehicle and the other party failed to make two payments.
  • Rape – Wheelhouse Ln. Met a complainant who said her juvenile daughter was raped. Delivered to the CID.
  • Robbery Report – Blaine St: Named subject reported that items were taken from his residence by the county. Subject wanted to make sure his trailer was still on site at 5th Street. Everything was fine.
  • Threats – Windsor Drive in reference to the Complainant’s friend’s ex-boyfriend who threatened the Complainant and her sister. No direct threats were made and he was told to travel to the county where the subject resides to obtain a TPO.
  • Warrant Attempt – Alcovy St. Male subject surrendered on probation, was transported to Walton County Jail and released to jail staff without incident.
  • Suspicious People – W. Spring St. In reference to a man and a woman begging outside Wal-Mart. They were told they couldn’t and left with no problem.
  • Scam – Oak Ridge. The complainant said she spent $3,300 on gift cards to purchase a 2012 F150 and cannot get the vehicle. Report completed.
  • Drug Complaint – Etten Dr. In reference to the owner stating that she believes an occupant of one of the bedrooms was smoking drugs in the bedroom because the dust in the bedroom was black. No smell was present inside the house or room. Advised remedies.
  • Property Damage – S. Madison Ave. Plaintiff hit the dog on E. Spring St, report closed.
  • Welfare Check – W. Spring St. In reference to a distress call from a vehicle. The call was made by K9 inside the vehicle, the vehicle was in motion. Everything is fine.
  • TPO Violation – Wall Street in reference to a woman having a TPO against her mother. She was trying to contact her mother through her sister.
  • Property damage – East Spring St; The complainant reported damage to the door of her Ford Mustang. Report taken.
  • Suspicious vehicle – Glen Iris – In reference to an orange loader that accelerates and drives recklessly. Zone checked, negative contact.
  • Counterfeit – Quality Foods – In reference to a counterfeit $5 bill, money was entered into evidence, report taken.
  • Hit and Run – MLK BLVD and West Spring – Two vehicles, no injuries. Maroon Chevy Equinox fled after hitting the Complainant. Report in GEARS
  • Welfare Check – E Washington St APT 34- In reference to not answering the phone for the caretaker. Negative contact. The sitter has been advised to call PD when she arrives on site
  • Fire Assist – Felker St- In reference to smoke in the house. Monroe FD and Walton FD at the scene upon arrival.
  • Suspicious Person – W Spring St; McDonalds – In reference to a white man in a black hoodie stating he would shoot someone. A man was seen driving a black tundra, area checked, contact negative.
  • Traffic Stop – S Broad and Alcovy St – Female subject arrested for running a stop sign and faulty equipment, she was arrested for driving with a suspended licence. Transported to WC prison without incident.
  • Suspicious Person – Tanglewood – In reference to the rapid gunshots heard from Tanglewood. While crossing, a named was seen walking down Tanglewood Dr. and then hiding when units attempted to make contact. He was found hiding under a vehicle. He had an active warrant out of Walton County and was charged with disorderly conduct, vagrancy and prowling and public intoxication.


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