DU teaching body writes to VC on new UG curriculum framework


As is the case with almost all faculty at the university, the main concern raised by the DUTA is the reduction of student credit requirements to 164 for four years and 132 for a three-year honors degree.

This, he said, will lead to academic dilution due to loss of direct teaching hours for students and a decrease in teaching workload resulting in job losses for teachers.

The faculty also said the cut goes against the UG curriculum framework which was adopted by the academic and executive councils in August 2021 and had 196 credits for four years and 148 credits for three years.

The DUTA also reiterated its demand for the absorption of ad hoc faculty, emphasizing a need for stability to implement the reforms in a meaningful way.

“Delhi University has faced too many structural and course revisions over the past decade from the introduction of the semester system at LOCF. These hasty and unconscious changes have led to adhocism, instability and the dilution of academics in the name of reforms.

Therefore, the university must be careful and carry out appropriate consultations on the curriculum framework with a detailed program among all stakeholders and preparations in terms of physical infrastructure, other resources, and permanent faculties.

The university should consider and absorb ad-hoc serving teachers through a one-time special ordinance to have permanent faculty in each discipline of study for any significant reform (if necessary, as the latest change in the UG curriculum has had place as recently as 2019 through LOCF) and academic stability,” he said in the letter to the VC.

He also called for multiple exit options to leave after first or second year to be reconsidered, stating that “as such, there appears to be no benefit to this program and it may deter students from completing their studies”.

The Academic Council will meet on February 9 to discuss the adoption of this curriculum framework to be implemented from the 2022-2023 academic session.


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