Election races, problems in Ohio and the United States that caught our attention


Even though the 2021 general election did not have the punch of the upcoming elections in 2022 and 2024, where Ohioans will select a governor, a US senator and a US president, there were still several interesting questions at stake.

Most notably, school board elections where candidates’ opinions on critical race theory and mask mandates were hotly debated.

Additionally, voters decided on a new mayor for Cincinnati, several congressional races, and a controversial Columbus ‘green energy’ voting initiative that allegedly diverted $ 87 million in municipal taxes to a group. private.

Nationwide, races for governor of Virginia, mayor of Boston and a vote to dissolve the Minneapolis Police Department have also sparked national interest.

Here’s a look at the eight races across Ohio and the country that caught our eye.

Mayor of Cincinnati: Aftab Pureval elected

With current mayor John Cranley stepping down to run for governor of Ohio, the people of Cincinnati elected Aftab Pureval as the city’s next mayor.

Pureval, who beat longtime Cincinnati politician David Mann, received 66% of the vote.

“We made history in Cincinnati,” Pureval, first Asian-American Pacific mayor, told supporters.

Mike Carey, a 15th Congressional District special election candidate, addresses a small crowd at the start of a tour of Ohio's 15th Congressional District to speak with voters and promote Carey's candidacy at Grove City, Ohio, Tuesday, June 1, 2021.

Ohio’s 15th Congressional District: Mike Carey wins after Donald Trump’s support

Republican Mike Carey, who was backed by former U.S. President Donald Trump, won Ohio’s 15th Congressional District special election on Tuesday.

Carey led Democratic State Representative Allison Russo with 58.3% of some 160,000 votes cast, unofficial results show.

Carey will immediately take the seat from former Republican Rep. Steve Stivers, who left Congress in May to lead the Ohio Chamber of Commerce.

Shontel Brown, left, chats with Nancy Holland, Akron City Council Ward 1, during a campaign stop in Akron on July 14.

Ohio’s 11th Congressional District: Shontel Brown replaces Marcia Fudge

Democrat Shontel Brown was elected to the United States House of Representatives on Tuesday, winning a special election to fill the seat in Ohio’s 11th Congressional District vacated by Marcia Fudge.

Fudge resigned in March to become housing secretary to President Joe Biden after nearly 13 years in Congress.

Brown’s term expires at the end of 2022. The Akron Beacon Journal reports that Brown is scheduled to face Nina Turner for the seat beyond next year.

A "Vote no on number 7" Sign outside the early voting center in Columbus

Number 7 in Columbus

The nebulous Number 7, which allegedly transferred $ 87 million in Columbus taxpayer money to a secret group for “green energy” uses, was largely defeated by city voters.

In Franklin County, with nearly all districts reporting, about 87% of voters voted against the measure. Only 13% opted in, according to unofficial reports from the Franklin County Board of Elections until 11 p.m. Tuesday.

A billboard on North High Street rented by "Save Worthington Schools" tries to dissuade people from voting for incumbent Nikki Hudson.

Worthington School Board Race

Despite being targeted by negative billboards and a mysterious nonprofit, Nikki Hudson has reclaimed her place at the Worthington School Board.

Newcomer Kelli Davis was elected and current board chair Jennifer Best also returned to her seat on the district school board.

OneWorthington, a 501 (c) (4) nonprofit welfare organization that endorsed Best, Brian Steel and Davis and focused on the Hudson overthrow. The group potentially spent thousands of dollars in black money. Steel was not elected.

Glenn Youngkin won the race for governor of Virginia, making him the first Republican to win a statewide post in 12 years.

Governor of Virginia: does Republican Glenn Youngkin’s victory foreshadow things?

Republican businessman Glenn Youngkin defeated the ex-governor. Terry McAuliffe in the Virginia gubernatorial race on Tuesday, a race that has concerned Democrats eagerly awaiting the 2022 and 2024 elections.

“What are we having fun!” said Youngkin, a determined outsider at the start of a campaign in which he emphasized education, especially teaching about race and history, and economics, all issues that will weigh heavy across the country in 2022.

Michelle Wu’s Mayoral Victory on Historic Boston Night

Michelle Wu became the first Asian American woman to be elected mayor of Boston.

Wu grew up in Chicago and his parents immigrated from Taiwan.

Lawn signs clash with each other outside a polling station on Tuesday, November 2, 2021 in Minneapolis.  Minneapolis voters decide to replace the city's police department with a new Department of Public Safety.  The election comes more than a year after the death of George Floyd started a movement to fund or abolish police across the country.

Pressure to disband Minneapolis Police Fails despite calls for reform after George Floyd’s death

An attempt to dissolve the Minneapolis Police Department failed Tuesday for the second time since the death of George Floyd sparked calls for nationwide police reform.

Minneapolis residents voted not to replace the city’s police department – which is under federal investigation – with a new Department of Public Safety that would likely have included law enforcement, responders 911 and mental health professionals.

“Tonight is a victory for reason and common sense in Minneapolis,” said Bill Rodriguez, co-founder of opposition group Operation Safety Now. “Of course there is work to be done on how we approach public safety, but the idea that we can do it without police, or with a small team of officers, is a fantasy.”

The story was compiled using reports from Cincinnati Enquirer, Columbus Dispatch, Akron Beacon Journal, and USA TODAY.

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