HEC organizes program development training for senior instructors


Islamabad: The National Academy of Higher Education (NAHE) of the Higher Education Commission and the Post-Secondary Education Reform Unit (PERU) collaborated to strengthen education in post-secondary institutions .

HEC’s new Undergraduate University Education (UEP) 2020 policy imposes a number of reforms to better serve undergraduate students. These changes include the revamped BS and Associate Degree (AD) study programs, the Gen Ed requirement, hands-on learning requirements (internships and hands-on learning labs such as entrepreneurship, youth clubs and sports ) and a move to the semester system in affiliated colleges. .

In order to prepare faculty and staff at higher education institutions (HEIs) to implement these changes and improve the quality of education available, NAHE and PERU worked together to train lead instructors who will then train master trainers from affiliated universities. These master trainers will in turn train professors at affiliated colleges across Pakistan.

Under the auspices of NAHE and PERU, the Senior Instructor Training Program was designed, developed and facilitated by Dr Shazia Awan (Assistant Professor, LUMS, School of Education), Dr Arshad Bashir and Mr Ata ur Rehman (PERU), and conducted in Islamabad at the NAHE from January 6 to 7, 2022.

All of the instructors who received training during this two-day workshop are experienced academics and professional development experts who represent several higher education institutions across Pakistan. They were selected from over 147 applications.

The main areas covered included the overview of the PIU, the training methodology, the development of programs aligned with the PIU policy, as well as strong discussions on the timelines, activities and implementation plan. is working to train master trainers from all over Pakistan, who will then train around 3,000 university professors from KP and Balochistan in this phase before the trainings are rolled out across the country.

Professor Dr Shaheen Sardar Ali, Rector NAHE and Dr Zulfiqar Gilani, University Programs Specialist, PERU opened the session on the first day of the training. The trainee instructors were able to participate in numerous question-and-answer sessions with senior members of the NAHE and PERU team.

This training is the second of its kind – the first training took place in May 2021 for Master Trainers. At that time, nearly 300 professors from 90 KP affiliated colleges completed the capacity building training under the joint NAHE-PERU training program.


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