Justice Kelli Wise Receives Civil Justice Approval


The Alabama Civil Justice Reform Committee PAC (ACJRC PAC) today announced its approval of Justice Kelli Wise for the Alabama Supreme Court. Republican, Justice Wise has served on the Alabama Supreme Court since 2011.

“I am honored to receive the support of the ACJRC PAC,” said Justice Wise.

“Being a judge on the Alabama Supreme Court is an important responsibility. I strive every day to uphold my oath, adhere to high standards of ethics, honor and integrity, and remain true to the rule of law, ”she said.

“I have a conservative judicial philosophy. I don’t legislate on the bench, but rather follow the law as it is written, ”concluded Wise.

“We are very pleased to announce our support for Judge Kelli Wise. She has a proven track record of exemplary service to the people of Alabama. Justice Wise served with integrity and provided fair and impartial justice to litigants appearing in the Alabama Supreme Court. We look forward to his continued service, ”said ACJRC President Tom Dart.

The Alabama Civil Justice Reform Committee (ACJRC) is an organization of associations and state trading corporations established in 1985 to combat prosecution abuse and promote a fair justice system in Alabama. The organization led the efforts of the business community in passing tort reform bills through the Alabama Legislature, further bolstering Alabama’s efforts to attract business and industry and develop jobs in Alabama. Earlier this year, the ACJRC played a major role in persuading lawmakers to adopt legal protection for businesses, nonprofits, schools and others against unreasonable litigation involving COVID-19.

Justice Wise was first elected to the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeal in 2000, becoming the youngest woman ever elected to sit in an Alabama court of appeals. She was re-elected in 2006 and was later selected to be president of the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeal, where she has written numerous opinions aimed at strengthening criminal laws and protecting citizens from violent offenders.

A fifth-generation Alabamian, Justice Wise attended public schools in Dale and Autauga counties. She received her undergraduate degree from Auburn University and a JD from Jones School of Law. Judge Wise also holds an MPA from Auburn University Montgomery, where she received the Outstanding Alumni Award and was named to the Top 40 in 40.

Judge Wise and her husband, former Montgomery County District Court Judge Arthur Ray, are the proud parents of Hanah-Mathis, a University of Alabama elder. They are active members of St. James United Methodist Church in Montgomery, where Judge Wise served on the ward staff committee and taught both Kindergarten Sunday School and Bible School in vacation.


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