Lawyer investigating Brett Favre scandal reportedly fired


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The attorney hired to investigate a huge social scandal in Mississippi, which includes NFL legend Brett Favre, has reportedly been fired.

According to Mississippi Today, the state welfare department fired Brad Pigott, the former US attorney in charge of the investigation. The decision comes a week after Pigott filed a subpoena with the University of Southern Mississippi to determine why and how the school’s athletic department received $5 million in social funds to build a new sports stadium. volleyball.

“All I did, and I believe all that got me fired from representing the department or having anything to do with the litigation, was to try to get the truth out of everything. that,” Pigott said. mississippi today. “People are going to go to jail for this, at least the state should be ready to find out the truth about what happened.”

Favre was potentially implicated in this scandal in multiple ways. Recently, private school and nonprofit founder Nancy New alleged in a court filing that former Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant authorized her to pay Favre more than $1.1 million in college funds. ‘welfare.

Favre would have been ordered repay $828,000 in welfare funds in the fall. The Hall of Fame reimbursed $600,000but not the rest.

As for the $5 million payment to USM, Pigott was investigating Favre’s potential involvement. In addition to being a USM alumnus and a native of Mississippi, Favre’s daughter played volleyball at USM in 2017 and 2018.

In an interview with the New York Times, Pigott tells Favre that Favre had pledged to donate $5 million toward building the volleyball complex.

“Pigott claims that Favre, instead of writing the check, asked the Mississippi Community Education Center to fund the project.” writes Pro Football Talk. “And the Mississippi Community Education Center was at the heart of distributing federal welfare money in a way that created major controversy in one of the poorest states in the country.

“Pigott told the Time that the center paid the $5 million and then “disguised it as payment for the use of university facilities that did not occur”.

Unsurprisingly, Pigott claims he was fired because he was about to find out how deeply involved Bryant and Favre were. We’ll see if his claims go anywhere in the months to come.


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