Missouri parents outraged by school assignment over racism in politics


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So, parents of Missouri high school students are very angry at a government advanced placement class assignment that asks which political party is most likely to deny that racism was involved in an incident where a black man unarmed is shot by cops. The answer, of course, is the Republicans, but my thing is– why are they angry at the obvious truth? I thought the Tories prided themselves on their “measure blue” and “stop playing the race card” mentality.

According to Fox News (yes, I know, but be patient), “the question arose during an online class assignment in a Holts High School government advanced job placement course. He asked the students which political party was most likely to believe that “the fatal shooting of unarmed African American men by police ‘was not due to racism’.”

Again, where is the lie? Conservatives— people who are far more likely to identify as Republicans than anything else — are America’s champions of the words “it’s not all about race.” These words are writings in the blanks I see no color except blue bible up there with, “What about Black-on-Black crime?” “He should have obeyed” and “white people also get shot by the police, but the media don’t talk about it”. From George Floyd to Michael Brown to Eric Garner, each high-profile case involving a victim of black police violence has been accompanied by a wave of conservative counter-narratives that all revolve around one conclusion: race does not matter. nothing to do with it. And they always proudly proclaimed it. So what – are they suddenly ashamed now that their children find out? After all, the posting question doesn’t even suggest that Republicans are wrong, it’s just that’s what most of them believe.

“It’s disheartening to see this kind of indoctrination being instilled in our public schools,” said Republican Missouri State Rep. Nick Schroer. fox and friends on Monday, according to Fox News, which also noted that “Schroer recalled that when he was in school, teachers’ political views and personal lives were generally not known to students.”

“I didn’t know their pronouns and I didn’t know if they were married but now we are injecting these seeds of hate, these seeds of Marxism to destroy this next generation that should prepare to be the next generation to face the American dream , become successful adults and instead we make them hate their country because of all this hate they inject into our program,” he said.

So now even telling students the truth about what Republicans generally think about police shooting incidents involving black men is “indoctrination” and “Marxism.” And what does all this have to do with pronouns? At this point, I’m pretty sure they’re just taking those terms out of a “right-wing buzzword” lottery for propaganda purposes.– but please tell us more about how everyone is trying to indoctrinate young people.

I mean, aren’t Republicans pretty much always the roadblock opposing police reform legislation? Aren’t they the ones who have hijacked the Black Lives Matter terminology in favor of a “blue lives matter” and “all lives matter” deviation?

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think Democrats care about systemic racism in policing unless it’s politically convenient for them to care, but they’re not the ones who are constantly going out of their way to s ensure they are heard to deny that racism is an inherent problem in America…it would be the guys across the political aisle.

I mean, if they’re upset that their kids are learning how bad they are, they should just say so.


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