Now Free Yoga and Meditation Classes for Allahabad University Students, Teachers and Staff


Now over 23,000 students, along with over 400 teachers and 689 non-teaching and official staff, will now receive expert yoga and meditation lessons free of charge.

Allahabad University (AU) has signed a memorandum of understanding with Heartfulness Education Trust to make this possible, university officials have informed.

Heartfulness Education strives to help teachers and students live balanced, purposeful and happy lives by using its specialized practices so they are equipped to contribute to sustainable school reform and community citizenship, they added. .

“Yoga is being propagated and disseminated through Heartfulness in a scientific way all over the world including India, and now, after signing the MoU, AU teachers, students, officers and employees will learn also the scientific method of meditation and will also get acquainted with the effective form of yoga according to the Indian tradition of knowledge,” said Professor Jaya Kapoor, UA Public Relations Officer.

The MoU was officially signed on Monday. While signing the MoU, Vice Chancellor of Allahabad University, Prof. Sangita Srivastava said that yogic science is vital for the physical and spiritual development of man.

“India is the land of Yoga, which is propagated and disseminated through Heartfulness in a scientific way all over the world. This MoU will help teachers, students, officers and employees of Allahabad University learn the scientific method of meditation. They will also learn about the effective form of yoga which would help them deal with stress and pressures more effectively. This will enable them to excel in all aspects of life,” he said. -she adds.

The Registrar of Allahabad University, Prof. Narendra Kumar Shukla handed over the signed copy of the MoU to Center Coordinator and Area Coordinator of Shri Ramchandra Mission, Pratima Srivastava.

On this occasion, Smita Agarwal, owner of Yatrik Hotel and Kamini Mittal, Heartfulness Trainer alongside Prof. Anil Pratap Giri, Department of Sanskrit, University of Allahabad were present.

Professor Anil Pratap Giri has been appointed as nodal agent on behalf of the University for this initiative.

“This course would be offered free of charge to AU students, faculty and staff. Initially, it will start from the Sanskrit department and later be extended to students who have opted for national service as volunteers. In the next phase, it would then be extended to all other students, teachers and employees of the central university,” Prof Kapoor said.

The sessions would be available online as well as offline modes, she added.


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