President of the Cwc, team visits the municipal school | Surah News

Surat: A team led by the Child Welfare Committee (CWC) The President visited School Number 300 of Surat Municipal School Board (MSBS) and Puna Police Station on Tuesday. At the school, junior staff told committee members that the suspended main defendant, Nishant Vyas, summoned a few students to school even on Sunday evenings.
The committee consisting of Paresh Kakadiya, Chairman in Charge of CWC, Lalji Patel, Social Defense Officer, and Kalpesh Patel, Probation Officer at the Social Defense Department, interviewed school officials and gathered details related to the Police complaint lodged against Vyas at Puna Police Station.
“CWC’s priority is to ensure that the identity of the child who has been bullied is protected. We interviewed a few local officials and discussed the details of the case with the police,” Kakadiya said.
The committee held the inquiry following representation by members of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) for an investigation into alleged sexual harassment of a student by the principal.
In the meantime, the committee has yet to review the FIR in which the complaint was filed under a single section of the Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses Act (POCSO). “I haven’t checked the FIR and I don’t know if the required sections are not added,” Kakadiya said.
“The police are investigating the case and we have asked them for a progress report,” he added.
Meanwhile, AAP representative in MSBS, Rakesh Hirparasubmitted a written request to add sections in the FIR against Principal Nishant Vyas.
The FIR was registered on Monday under Section 12 (sexual harassment) of the POCSO Act. Hirpara called for the addition of Articles 5(f) (anyone who is on the management or staff of an educational institution or religious institution, commits penetrative sexual assault on a child in that institution), 7 (sexual assault, sexual touching of an intimate part, non-penetrative), 8 (sexual assault) and 11(iv) (follows or repeatedly contacts the child).

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