PRIA wants migration reform for skilled workers


The Public Relations Institute of Australia (PRIA) has launched the Migration Task Force, advocating for migration reform to address entrenched skills shortages in the communications and public relations industry .

The working group will advocate for the National Skills Commission to include communication and public relations professionals on the list of long-term strategic skills, enabling permanent residency for migrants.

With supporters from 15 communications agencies, the task force seeks to change Australia’s migration settings.

Shane Allison


PRIA President Shane Allison said the growing demand for communication and public relations skills during COVID-19 has proven the industry to be an important part of building trust, understanding and knowledge between organisations. and stakeholders.

“This demand has placed unprecedented pressure on our industry, and while we have risen to the occasion, it is clear that we need higher levels of skilled migration to fill the gap in experienced professionals and help to mentor the next generation of communicators.”

He also said addressing the lack of public relations and communications skills on the list of long-term strategic skills will make Australia a more attractive destination for skilled communicators.

“This task force will not only help solve our immediate skills crisis, but will also play a vital role in bringing in qualified professionals who can train and mentor the next generation of communicators currently in training at our higher education institutions.

“We have written to Immigration Minister Giles asking for his support for our industry and we look forward to participating in the review of the skilled occupations list that was funded in this year’s federal budget.”

The National Skills Commission’s Internet Vacancy Index demonstrated an 82% increase in vacancies for public relations professionals between the pre-COVID-19 period (January 2020) and April 2022, and an increase of 183% over the past decade.

The PRIA engaged EY to model the skills gaps in our profession and to highlight the economic contribution of the public relations profession.

Migration Task Force supporters include Sling & Stone; MSL herd; Red Havas; Prosperous public relations; US Communications; Ogilvy PR; Sefiani; The House ; The story will be nice; Icon Agency; Porter Novelli; BCW; agenda C; Salt & Shein and The Savage Company


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