Read Weekly: How China’s EV Battery King Defends His Throne


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# Cover story #

How China’s EV battery king defends his throne

CATL keeps pressure on its entry-level competitors with billions of dollars in investments while dramatically expanding its business footprint

# Business #

In detail: aggrieved car owners run false ad against Chinese electric car maker

Disgruntled Ora Good Cat owners lobby parent company Great Wall Motor, demanding redress and more compensation for misleading ad

# Economy #

In detail: how a Chinese province struggles to cope with its mountain of debt

Guizhou is one of the most indebted regions in the country, but unlike its wealthier counterparts, it has few real options to tackle the problem.

Chinese real estate market liquidity challenges continue despite signs of political easing

More real estate support measures needed to bring land finance, sales and purchases back to normal, analysts say

Chinese local governments grant juice sales subsidies to struggling real estate sector

# Finance #

In detail: how the dreams of private equity mogul Wang Chaoyong fell apart

Financier with gleaming resume stumbled into debt crisis amid tightening government surveillance before his arrest for embezzlement

# World #

As Covid lockdowns in Southeast Asia increase, cost of shipping from China increases to 10 times pre-pandemic rate

Demand is exploding amid the easing of pandemic restrictions, ports become congested and freight companies run out of ships, costing up to 10 times the cost

# Opinion #

With reduced speculation, the housing needs of populations remain a priority

The allocation of land for residential, commercial and public use in cities should be closely linked to employment, resident population or the number of people covered by insurance

# China #

In detail: China’s tutoring industry struggles to survive after book closes on lucrative business model

No longer allowed to offer courses on the core K-9 curriculum, extracurricular education companies are turning to less profitable subjects

Record $ 210 million fire warning against live broadcasters

Heavy tax evasion penalties for top performer Huang Wei send message to booming industry as online accounts shut down

China fines two live streamers $ 14.6 million for tax evasion

# Long weekend read #

Former Chinese Central Banker on Solving International Trade Problems

Former PBOC Governor Zhou Xiaochuan outlines China’s views on international trade reform, covering areas such as cyberspace governance, intellectual property rights and protectionism

# Gallery #

China considers law to protect Yellow River


# Podcast #

China targets sexual harassment, pick-up artist training

The draft rules aim to strengthen the protection of women against discrimination in the workplace; Zhihu Q&A Platform is in Hot Water for Publishing “Illegal Information”; and Beijing Imposes Sanctions on Four US Individuals in Response to Xinjiang Sanctions

China drafts rules to ban pick-up artists and sexual harassment in the workplace

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