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SERC’s Heather McKee, Director of Strategic Planning, Quality and Support
with Paula Philpott, Head of the SERC Learning Academy

South Eastern Regional College (SERC) is on its way to becoming an authority on project-based learning (PPL) following the College’s decision to embed this approach to learning across all programs more than 5 years ago years.

Paula Philpott, Head of Learning Academy at SERC, said: “The introduction of APP across the College has been a major catalyst for change in the way education is received and perceived at SERC. The PBL model provides a context for learners to work on multidisciplinary, collaborative and industry-oriented projects, helping them to acquire the skills, habits and knowledge needed to succeed in the workplace.

“The College has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience over the past 5 years and based on this we have been invited to join an independent education charity, Future Leaders in Learning of the Edge Foundation – a group of expert organizations around the world whose insights and training help schools and colleges integrate APP.

“SERC is a model that shows how the curriculum can be transformed to create an ecosystem where learners are prepared for learning, life and work through APP. We have been invited to co-present with The Edge Foundation at several national conferences, and over the past 2 years the College has provided bespoke training at Walsall College, near Birmingham and Sunderland College, supporting their transformation of the program by PBL. This involved over seven days of training for more than 40 teaching staff, curriculum managers and senior managers, and in April SERC will host a three-day event for curriculum staff and the leaders of the two quorums.

She added: “It has been a privilege to see how Walsall and Sunderland colleges have rolled out PPA across various curriculum areas, including the introduction of company week as part of a challenge reform. initiation and APP.”

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