Some community colleges write off student debt


Other two-year colleges have announced similar measures.

Connecticut State Colleges and Universities, a 17-campus system with a mix of two- and four-year colleges, announced write off $ 17 million in debt that community college students “have taken charge or have not been able to reimburse because of the pandemic.”

The policy will impact more than 18,000 students, with no strings attached and no obligation for beneficiaries to enroll in courses in the future.

Enrollment in community colleges has suffered throughout the pandemic, with numbers continuing to decline despite widespread availability of vaccines.

The continued decline is a concern for community colleges, which typically see enrollments increase during recessions as the unemployed return to school to learn new skills.

But the pandemic has proved difficult for traditional community college students to the weather.

“They lost their jobs, suffered from food insecurity and did not have access to life-saving services – to say nothing of the devastating damage to people with the virus,” Dr Jane Gates, senior vice president and vice-president Connecticut State Academic and Student Affairs President. Colleges and universities, said in a statement.

Technical colleges in Madison and Milwaukee, the Philadelphia Community College and Bergen Community College in Paramus, NJ, also announced their intention to use federal dollars to write off debt.

Some four-year colleges have also used relief funds to write off debt.

“It’s a huge weight that I won’t have to carry,” Romaun Myers, one of more than 2,500 South Carolina state students to be reimbursed, told Romaun Myers University.

Kate Elizabeth Queram writes for Route Fifty, a digital information publication that aims to connect the people and ideas that advance state, county, and municipal governments across the United States. This story is part of Solutions Journalism Network, a non-profit organization dedicated to rigorous reporting on responses to social issues. It originally appeared here.


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