Students from Telangana boarding school take part in Dabaki art festival


Posted: Date Posted – 6:06 PM, Sun – Sep 4, 22

Hyderabad: Creative pursuits need a good system of encouragement and support without which many enthusiastic young learners are robbed of the opportunity to excel in their chosen field. And aspiring to become actors, musicians, artists, singers, etc., continues to be a distant dream for students from marginalized sections of society.

However, thanks to the Telangana government, a support system that allows these young talents to pursue their dreams in the field of art and culture opens up a whole new world of opportunity and changes the fortunes of poor students studying in Telangana. social and tribal residential education. Establishments.

This was proven by 15 students from social and tribal welfare institutions with participation in Dabaki, art festival at Moonshine Project, Jubilee Hills, which had the participation of prominent artists from the fields of music, fashion, art, design and dance from different parts of the country. .

The Social and Tribal Welfare students who attended the workshop expressed their joy and said it was a dream come true for them given their humble family backgrounds.

TSWREI & TTWREI Societies Secretary Ronald Rose congratulated the students and said, “The Telangana government is committed to producing a new generation of artists from the most disadvantaged sections of society.” He described it as a big step forward for these kids in terms of securing their place in the art and film industries in the future.

Ronald Rose further said that the Telangana government has launched specialized fine arts and film technology schools for SC and ST children to provide dynamic platforms to showcase their innate talents and expressed the hope that these children would find their name in the list of the most acclaimed artists in the country.

Dabaki is a collaborative community that brings together several artists who come for culturally rich and immersive experiences from various parts of the country. TSWREIS Special Officers Aishwarya Chakkilam, Gracena Prakash and Dr. Pavani Ayinampud participated in the workshop.


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