The Bills officially get $600 million from New York for a new stadium


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Look at those yo-yos. It’s the way you do it.

The Buffalo Bills have officially got $600 million of New York for a new stadium in Buffalo. The powers that be have included the payment in the state’s $220 billion budget for 2022-23.

Not everyone was on board.

“Our public schools got less than Buffalo Bills Stadium,” said Rep. Yuh-Line Niou (D-Manhattan), via Michael Petro of the Buffalo News. “The climate bill, the climate bill we really wanted, also got less than the Buffalo Bills bill. Are we standing for? This is a time when we have to look at where our priorities are.

While arguments can be made both for and against using so much taxpayer money to subsidize billionaires who own NFL teams, one simple reality sums up the country’s current mood when it comes to projects like these. No public vote up or down on the use of public funds for a sports stadium would prevail.

The problem is that most of these sites are funded by elected officials with no clear election as to whether the money should be used. If, for example, the federal government proposed a way to craft a constitutionally viable mandate that all projects of this nature must be approved at the ballot box, the NFL would be stuck in a corner. The money for nothing would end, immediately.

Until that happens, and there’s currently no reason to think it will, billionaires who have generally figured out how to get what they can when they can how they can keep spending the hats off through state houses and city councils with the not-so-subtle threat/promise that if local politicians don’t step in to keep the team in town, another group of politicians will do whatever it takes to lure the team away .


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