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The State of Ohio should do the right thing

The federal government just settled down with Native American victims of sexual assault by a physician, the settlement will pay between $1.5 million and $2 million to each of the eight victims.

Yet Ohio State University is fighting tooth and nail to deny legitimate claims and rightful compensation due to sexual assault victims of Dr. Richard Strauss.

After:What to know about the career, abuse and death of Ohio State University sports physician Richard Strauss

Ohio State should do the right thing and put this sad Buckeye chapter in the rearview mirror.

Michael Oser, Christopher Columbus

Trump's Multiple Investigations by Dave Whamond, Canada, PoliticalCartoons.com.

Voting choice is “human, not political”

I intend to vote for Tim Ryan, but that has nothing to do with the fact that I like don’t like one or other of the candidates.

I am now older and partially disabled.

I have wives and gay family members. I depend on a pension earned by the Union. Me and a lot of friends depend on social security/medicare as a lifeline. I have very dear friends for whom their health care is extremely important. I regard this as their personal concern, as mine is for me. Besides, I’m not a rich man.

It’s very simple for me. Tim Ryan stands up for the things that are important to me and to the people I love and care about. Vance, on the other hand, is for cutting these important programs and showing indifference and prejudice against the people I care about and those who love me.

For me, this choice is just human, not political.

Bruce Bostick, Christopher Columbus

Ryan isn’t quite with Pelosi or Biden

Nuance is rarely a word that comes up in politics these days, but let me give it a shot.

Tim Ryan doesn’t support Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi 100% of the time.

He is not a “yes man” for Biden like JD Vance is for Donald Trump. Ryan even said Biden shouldn’t run for office.

Tim Ryan supports the Democratic platform and votes for Democratic policies that he believes serve his constituency.

Again, JD Vance is wrong when he keeps saying that Tim Ryan voted 100% for Pelosi and Biden.

He votes for the people he represents in northeast Ohio.

Syd Lifshin, Christopher Columbus

Pat Dewine is ‘not recommended’

Ohio Supreme Court Justice R. Patrick DeWine asks a question during oral argument in Preterm-Cleveland, Inc. v.  Ohio Gov.  John R. Kasich on Tuesday, September 26, 2017 at the Ohio Supreme Court in Columbus, Ohio.  In October 2013, Preterm filed a lawsuit against the State of Ohio in response to HB 59, an Ohio House budget bill, and alleged that the bill violated the single subject rule and that three provisions of the bill, the "heartbeat layouts," the "written terms of the transfer agreement," and the "provisions relating to parenthood and pregnancy" caused palpable injury to Preterm and her ability to act as an abortion provider.

Pat DeWine should not be re-elected as Justice of the Supreme Court of Ohio and should not have been elected the first time.

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He received a “not recommended” rating from an Ohio State Bar Association review board and received his lowest rating in 2016, the first time he appeared.

Since his time on the court, he has only further demonstrated his lack of qualification. He refused to recuse himself most of the time when the High Court considered cases involving his father, the governor. The most recent example involved state redistricting maps.

After:Who is running for Supreme Court of Ohio? Ohio voters will decide court balance this year

In addition, he supported legislation that added party affiliation in ballot names only for Ohio Supreme Court and Courts of Appeals, but not for all other judicial races. This was a partisan ploy created by the General Assembly to facilitate the election of Republican judges.

Pat DeWine defended his position by stating in a letter to the editor, “gradual reform seems far superior to no reform at all.”

Well, there are many examples one can imagine of so-called “incremental reform” being harmful and unfair if it favors one political party over another. A rationalization such as DeWine has made shows that he is partisan, but not fair and legal.

A judge is supposed to be as impartial as possible with sound reasoning based on justice for all. With this standard, Pat DeWine has clearly failed. We deserve better! On the website Judge4Yourself.comhis opponent, Marilyn Zayas, got a higher rating and deserves to sit in the field.

Bill Lyons, Christopher Columbus


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