UCOL co-branding has begun – Whanganui Chronicle News


The co-brand with Te Pūkenga and UCOL will remain until March when the UCOL brand will be retired. Photo / Bevan Conley

Any new material produced at UCOL now involves co-branding, as it moves to Te Pūkenga/New Zealand Institute of Skills and Technology – the new national supplier for polytechnics.

The co-brand with Te Pūkenga and UCOL (Universal College of Learning) will remain until March when the UCOL brand will be retired.

But by the end of the year, UCOL staff will be employed by Te Pūkenga, and learners who enroll in 2023 will be enrolled at Te Pūkenga.

“The transition from UCOL to Te Pūkenga is going well and is part of our usual approach,” said UCOL’s Executive Director of Community Engagement, Christine Beech.

“Te Pūkenga’s new operational structure is under development, but the systems and processes used at UCOL will remain, including our registration and IT systems.”

Beech said the new operating structure outlines how they would bring together teaching, training, learner welfare, employer functions and regions into one transformative structure.

She said this operational structure was to include national and regional arrangements, on which UCOL staff would be consulted between July 19 and August 16.

The operating structure has been designed to support a broader future operating model for Te Pūkenga, which shows what Te Pūkenga does and how it will do it.

Te Pūkenga’s website says the operating model was designed to “enable planning and create a cohesive and coordinated vision across the country”.

Beech said that would include new academic regulations, unified curricula, and learner support for students.

She said they are currently working to help build relationships with other affiliates (polytechnics) of Te Pūkenga to provide a collective of intelligence, information and resources.

“This model is expected to include both national and regional arrangements, with final decisions expected in September.”


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