UCSD finds most voters want recall reforms, but deeply divided on issue of voter fraud

Residents will post “No” on the reminder sign. Photo by Chris Stone

Investigation by the University of California, San Diego The Research Center was announced Thursday, finding broad support among all demographics and supporters in California to make “major changes” to the state’s recall process.

But he also found differences in line with party policy for reforms that some voters would lag behind.

Research by Jankerovich Center for Social Sciences also reveals that the people who participated in the 2021 election in California were not state officials.

Recalls tended to be richer, whiter, older than the state’s entire registered voter population and those who contested in the 2020 presidential election.

The survey was conducted during recall election week on September 14, with 2,812 respondents reflecting the registered voter population in California.

Sadkuser, co-director of the Jankerovich Center, a political scientist at the University of California at San Diego, led the effort with Cassidy Reller, a doctoral candidate in political science.

“Our conclusions should focus on the representativeness of recalls, and not just the difficulty of initiating recalls, when discussing reforms to the recall process in California. It suggests there is, ”Kusser said. “Our findings also indicate that if heads of state want to make a series of proposals that appeal to all of the state’s population, they want to involve voters from all political parties, not just non-partisan voters. This suggests you might be thinking. “

A unique feature of the survey, according to Couser, is that the center voted both two days before and two days after the election.

This allowed researchers to assess whether support for reform depends on results – Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom, Republicans survived recall Larry Elder won the most votes as an alternative candidate.

The researchers found that after the election, Democrats were more satisfied with the process and Republicans less satisfied, so it really depends on the outcome.

The only reform supported by the majority of all respondents was to limit the grounds for calling the election to “concerns about corruption or criminal activity”. Overall, two-thirds of respondents supported this idea. Only 26% opposed it.

There was some variability in support for this proposal, with 76% Democrats, 61% Independents and 52% Republicans, but still majority support among some groups. ..

Other findings:

  • Voters oppose the creation of a reform committee, but they also accept reform legislation.
  • There is a deep divide between factions over growing concerns about voter fraud after the election.

– City news service

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UCSD finds most voters want recall reforms, but deeply divided on issue of voter fraud


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