University of Pennsylvania threatens students who ‘abuse’ pronouns

A university professor addresses his students at a conference. |

Point Park University in Pennsylvania sent its students an email threatening them with disciplinary action if they didn’t use their classmates’ favorite gender pronouns.

“The Office of Equity and Inclusion welcomes the 2021-2022 academic year with information on current policies that exist through our office and information regarding the Preferred Names policy,” cases of gender abuse, pronoun abuse and denigration (the use of a person’s “dead” legal name instead of using the person’s chosen or preferred name), as well as micro-aggression resources and additional training, ”the email read, according to Campus Reform.

The policy states that “anyone who has been made aware of another person’s gender identity, pronouns or chosen name is expected to respect that person.”

The university’s guide to pronouns and inclusive language states that the use of ‘gender inclusive language’ is necessary to prevent ‘trans and gender non-conforming people from feeling isolated’.

“While the University recognizes the aspect of intention versus impact, we must recognize that whatever the intention, if an individual is adversely affected, action could be taken if a complaint is made,” add email.

Logan Dubil, Campus Reform correspondent and university student, told Fox News that the policies “go against the belief systems of many students, especially conservative students.”

“Personally, I believe in science. There are two sexes and two genders: male and female, ”Dubil said. “The policies in question force me to go against my beliefs. It is concerning that I can be disciplined by not following policies that violate my conscience. “

PPU Student Government President Dennis McDermott is said to have said: “Of course I respect the beliefs of others and their right to express those beliefs, but those beliefs, whatever they may be, cannot hinder or interfere with others. rights of others, in this case the right of a student to be respected in the use of his name and preferred pronouns.

However, Cherise Trump, executive director of Speech First, told Fox News: “The university has prioritized the feelings of students over their rights and thus turned some students into second class citizens.

Caitlin Wiscombe, a student, told Campus Reform: “I understand what the university is trying to do, to be more inclusive and to make these people feel more involved and maybe less separate and more respected. , but asking me to do it instead of just allowing the students to do it themselves makes me uncomfortable and gives me the impression that my choice is not being respected.


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