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USP’s Butantã campus will host, from September 1 to 3, 2022, the 16th edition of USP’s Salon et Métiers. The initiative of the Dean of Culture and University Extension at USP (PRCEU) is aimed at high school students and preparatory courses for the entrance examination. Attendance is completely free, but to expedite entry, interested parties can register in advance at

After nine years of the last edition held on campus, the event returns to Cidade Universitária and offers various opportunities for students, taking advantage of the proximity to teaching units, museums, laboratories and the environment that young people can find as a student, including ongoing activities in many of these locations.

“The USP and Professions Fair is a very important event because it involves all USP units and above all because it brings the University closer to society. The dimension it has taken on in recent years demonstrates this importance, especially since dialogue with society is one of the pillars of our mission. During the fair, we have the opportunity to interact with tens of thousands of young people, as well as with their families, seeking to guide them in the best possible way to plan their future”, emphasizes Professor Marli Quadros Leite, Dean of Culture and Extension. USP University.

In Praça do Relógio, an architectural monument and symbol of the University, the fair brings together stands of USP students and professors who present their careers and clarify doubts about the courses offered, professions, labor market , academic training, disciplines, curriculum, university life and specializations.

Advice will also be provided on ways to enter the University and on programs and scholarships to encourage student retention. For teachers, there will be dissemination of popularization courses offered by USP, many of which are free.

In addition to the main location, visitors can learn a bit more about USP with the Giro Cultural Tour, which will pass through various locations on campus by bus.

Some activities will be carried out in a hybrid format, with live broadcast on the Youtube channel. For catering, the 2022 edition will feature a food truck structure. Special parking spaces will be allocated for the accommodation of buses.

interactive activities
To help students choose a profession, USP’s Institute of Psychology (IP) will hold workshops, such as Career Counseling. In previous years, the vocations stand was one of the most sought after by visitors and this time the activity will be held directly at the institute.

In addition to this action, the event offers interactive activities, shows and conferences, such as:

– The Química em Ação group, made up of students and teachers from the Instituto de Química, uses theater and philosophy to tell stories in a didactic and interactive way;

– The Physics Show, created more than 38 years ago, performs curious and fun experiments to stimulate the training of new scientists;

– The USP Coral Workshops bring challenges and different strategies to work the voice in collective and individual approaches. Aiming to improve body awareness, the dynamics of the choir works on issues such as posture, breathing, emission, articulation, resonance and musicality;

– Free cinema screenings with Cinusp;

– Musical performances by the USP Symphony Orchestra;

– The giant cell, developed by the Center for Human Genome Studies of the Institute of Biosciences of the USP, makes it possible to know the interior of a cell with all its organelles, the nucleus, the Golgi complex, the mitochondria and others in a 40 cubic meter structure;

– Sports workshops with the team from the Center for Sports Practice;

– Exhibitions of USP museum collections;

– Discussion rooms.

The choice of profession
One of USP’s most important and traditional events in the field of popularization and its relationship to society, the USP and Trades Fair has been marked, for 20 years, by the intense participation of young people looking for their professional future.

The Dean comments that demand has increased even after two years in digital format.

“We had a surprising reach of this event even in digital format, with around 1 million visits in the last editions. In the face-to-face format, demand reached approximately 70,000 people over the three days of the event, showing the demand that exists for this type of career information and the opportunities for candidates to secure positions. vacancies here at USP. The fair is another strategy to democratize access to public and free universities, because it shows that everyone can and should have access to one of the best universities in the world,” Marli points out.

The event
The USP and Professions Fair is a completely free event and is part of the USP and Professions Program which also carries out supervised visits to teaching units throughout the year.

The first edition took place in 2001, at the Ribeirão Preto campus. Until 2019, different USP campuses inside promoted annual editions, in turn. In the capital, the event has been held every year since 2006. After a period at the Butantã campus, the event was held from 2014 to 2019 at the USP Science and Technology Park (CienTec). In 2020 and 2021, with the covid-19 pandemic, the editions were online.

According to the USP Yearbook, updated in 2021, 329 undergraduate courses are offered in the capital and in the state, in addition to 439 master’s programs and 405 doctoral programs, with 60,817 students enrolled. in undergraduate courses and 29,454 in graduate courses, divided into 13,980 for master’s and 15,474 for doctoral.


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