Upcoming after-school program in the Lakeland area


Next year, an after-school program will open in the Lakeland area, filling what many call a gap in childcare in the area.

The program is a collaboration between the YMCA, Lakeland Union High School and the Marshfield Clinic Health System.

In 2019, various transitions and losses left a need for after-school programs for children in the Lakeland area.

Every Hour Counts was born out of this need.

A community member, the YMCA and the Marshfield Clinic worked together to determine what would best serve families in this area and how they could achieve it.

“After-school programs help children learn life skills. It helps give working parents peace of mind. This encourages children to learn outside of school time and outside of the school day. And we know these programs keep kids safe and out of trouble, ”said Ryan Zietlow, general manager of the YMCA of Northwoods.

There will now be an after-school program hosted at Lakeland Union High School.

Transportation will be provided from local elementary schools.

It will take place from the end of the school day to 5.30 p.m.

The program will provide homework help, healthy snacks, physical activity, academic enrichment activities and more.

“Part of our structure is to link with management, administration, school counselors and social workers at our elementary school to make sure we understand and identify the needs of the children who belong to our program and then put up a path for them to be successful, ”Zietlow said.

At present, the YMCA is completing the licensing process with the Ministry of Children and Families and hiring staff.

Zietlow hopes this is just the beginning of the YMCA’s involvement in the Lakeland community.

“How can we look at other youth support services, enrichment programs that are the backbone of what the Y does and the mission we have and bring them to the Lakeland area,” Zietlow said. “While we view the after-school program as the first launch of the YMCA’s presence in Lakeland, we really hope that the community support will continue to grow and we will see a greater presence in the future of the YMCA of Northwoods in Minocqua. .

He hopes to start pre-registering children for the program at the end of January.

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