Vincent Page: Companies must end up repaying their loans


4:00 PM February 6, 2022

For the second time in as many years, are we asking ourselves, to hide or not to hide?

While the lamented debate over the city’s roadworks has taken up a lot of space lately, mask-wearing should rumble a bit further and will no doubt be debated long after our shiny new pavements roll.

While restrictions on wearing masks in stores were lifted last week, many are still choosing to continue wearing them and although the threat of infection should be considerably less than it was last year , erring on the side of caution is a sensible option.

The Omicron variant struck fear into the populace as it raged across the country before Christmas and dampened trade, affecting a variety of business sectors just when they thought they were getting back on their feet. However, despite the colossal increase in infection rates, it now appears to be receding and if the figures are to be believed, around ninety percent of those hospitalized have not been bitten, so it appears that the vaccine has done its job, regardless of your opinion of vaccination. .

I suspect many more people have had Omicron and didn’t even know it. Subject to another variant appearing next year, we could turn the heating back on if the bills haven’t exploded.

When it comes to business, there seems to be a whole host of government guaranteed loans available in all sorts of forms, but however you consider him an honorable businessman, he has to be paid back no matter what. whatever its amount. Obviously, you can take as many as you can and then a few months later wind up the business and start over, but is that morally acceptable?

Being in business is about responsibility and many people who have been successful in any way can sometimes feel like it is their right to be and are quick to blame the middle factors that have affected their business. rather than accepting that they sometimes have to struggle to get through the current times, after all, whichever way you look at it, the blame stops with you.


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